The “Wrong” in Society

There are many wrongs and many rights in society. I would have to say that one topic that comes to mind would be “The Homeless”. I feel that society in general have their own opinions about the homeless but many of their opinions, although they could possibly be found among the homeless, are in fact true but not entirely.

Some members of society tend to shun the homeless. They are under the impression that most homeless people are uneducated, have addictions or mental illness, etc. Although this may be true for some, society is wrong in thinking that this is true for most.

I know as far as I am concerned and also being a homeless woman, from my point of view, I know that homelessness goes much deeper. Homeless people have one thing in common and that is “being homeless”. But we all have our own personal story to tell when it comes to why and how we were subjected to being homeless.

I found there is a fine line between being a respected member of society and shunned by society because of circumstances that have led many of us to travel a different pathway in life. Most of us are everyday people trying to adjust to a lifestyle that we never dreamed we would be a part of even though we were aware that this problem always existed.

I truly feel that if society spent more time striving to have mere compassion for their fellow man and trying to understand the truth behind the real issue, then maybe this would be a better place to live in.