Facing Change

Change, altering the paradigm, adjusting fire etc. can mean several things good or bad.

Changes are inevitable. The way we face those changes are the key to life. Examples include having a baby. Your whole world, lifestyle, everything changes. You can do nothing without factoring the needs and interests of that little human you have created.

Another change is in working or careers. We all have to inevitably change our work either through retirement or just having to leave a job. Again it requires out internal problem solving skills to figure out how we pay our bills, etc.

With all change there can be a sense of loneliness. One cannot face life change alone. We must seek help, comaraderie, assistance.

Change can be difficult but also wonderful. Stable environments are boring. Change needs to happen and moves all of us to, hopefully, better things.

As Americans we love change. It is a fundamental part of our government. We change our President, Congress, mayors and school board every few years. Our laws are designed to change, to live in a way. No law is static either due to increasing restrictions on enforcement or punishment or lessoning of some. Americans have the opportunity to change their environment for better or worse.

Change is acceptance of risk. Life is risky. How we analyze, plan and execute for those risks, those changes can determine the outcome.

Infants become toddlers. Toddlers become kids. Kids become teenagers. Teenagers become young adults. Young adults become adults, parents, career folk, retirees, grandparents and so on and so on. Change, good or bad, is life.


~Lisa Green