Forgiveness and Acceptance

On September 2012, I arrived at the Tedford Shelter from Freedom, New Hampshire. Because of a domestic situation I had a lot of anger and fear inside of me.

But God opened my eyes to a lot in the shelter. It’s hard to forgive a situation that you don’t have control of, but I began to pray and ask God to forgive my anger with the situation I had. I needed God to make me over for the better.

God made me realize it’s about me forgiving others and having peace. I have learned to look at things differently. When you learn to forgive, you have a peace inside of yourself. God has forgiven us for the mistakes we have made. To forgive can be a blessing and a gift. Life is too short to be angry.

It’s been three years here now in Brunswick and I learned it’s not healthy to hold so much anger inside toward others. I want to be an encourager, whether I’m working in the hospital with patients or on the floor at the restaurant. I want to learn to listen and pick my words wisely.

A wise man once said to be great is an honor but to spread happiness is a joy.

~ Ruth Morrow