Home is where the puzzle has all its pieces!

Home is not only where your heart may be. It can be many things such as a safe haven, a place where love starts and grow. A place where people start families, raise their children, carry on or start new traditions. It can be a place where other family members or friends come to visit and possibly enjoy a meal together or just spend time enjoying each others company.

The material structure of the home as far as being safe would be important to me but the life inside would be of more importance. Like hearing the little giggles of my sons when they were small and watching them as they grow, my mind storing up memories for a day that I knew would come, when they would be grown and gone and I would be left there behind trying to remember every little thing that went on while we were together.

Remembering good times, bad times, happy times and sad times and longing for a repeat of the most important part of all, the love that we shared as a family, the fulfillment that came from the smallest things accomplished. A home can come in many shapes, sizes and forms. It truly is what’s inside that counts, even if material things are few, the house can be a home when love resides within.


~Charlene Swain Matts