A Cat’s Point of View

As a cat, I lie on the floor basking and stretching in the warmth of the sun.

I wonder why everyone is hurrying and scurrying around as if this might be the last day.

As I yawn and roll over I try to figure out why people find humor in throwing fake mice in front of me, trying to coax me to do silly things like take the energy to chase it absolutely nowhere because after all it’s just a waste of time pretending that it’s real.

I wonder why I can’t be served dinner with the rest of the family (considering I am considered a part of it) instead of my meal being served to me over by the stove on the floor.

I enjoy the comfort of home just like everyone else.

Sometimes I daydream about silly things like trying to catch that one bird that seems as though it’s  purposely flying back and forth just to tease me.

I daydream about being able to sneak around the house while everyone is sleeping doing these things that I usually get scolded for like climbing where I shouldn’t be.

Ah! The life of a cat – not a worry in the world, a life of leisure and contentment.