Be better 2015

Communication of the heart

Building a career and sticking with it whether it be manager in food or medical

Reaching out more to others who are hurting, letting them know how much God loves them.

Letting the past go and people go

Praying for peace and let God work in me.

Preparing myself to be a good Christian wife to my boyfriend Jim Anderson and always communicating

Encouraging others to be healthy and continuing to work hard

As the new year comes 2015, God brought me this wonderful man in my life. This man is a loving wonderful man that I love. I want to help each of us reach our career goals together and communicate always. At 40 yrs old I waited for a loving man. A man who is great just like my father Walter Weland was. Jim Anderson is a great man. Being a good communicator can help in many ways whether you are a caregiver, married, everyday life. It affects me greatly. It can bring out the best in you, a smile, laughter, joking, smiling, we have hearts and all deserve love. Communication to be valued is to be great. To be great is to be honored. I want to also be an encourager. My father was the prime example of how people should be. Communication, goals, reaching out is how we all should be. Great are we who truly believe in all we can be in the world. Great is he that is in the world. I want to always be the greatest I can be within myself and others around me. I want to be with the examples around me. I love people. I want to be the best whether it be in the hospital with patients or on the floor at the restaurant. A wise man once said to be great is a honor, but to spread happiness is a joy. I learn by example. A priest, pastor, older generations around. To be wise is to learn by example. To learn is to be an example.

The year 2015 should be a year of wonderful goals we reach to make the new year complete.

Learning to listen and picking my words wisely and being encouraging whether I am angry or upset.

~Ruth Morrow