All social welfare programs hamper success. If you work and earn money, you lose your benefits, including medical, food stamps, and housing vouchers. There is no gradual easing off. So people are frozen, traumatized by the fact that if they work, they lose everything.


The Section 8 program is a prime example of a failing system. They pay rent for a family for the duration of the children’s youth. I remember in 1970’s when Section 8 was introduced. It ruined the chance of any availability of low rent housing. What we used to pay $300-$500 for rent suddenly went up to $750-$800, $950 for the same apartment. Now the regular worker can’t afford the rent.


The whole concept is a drain on the system. If we want affordable housing, it isn’t right to feed these “high” rents to a chosen few landlords and corporations. So the average working family can’t afford to live there. The answer is to make the money available to families for them to own houses. Instead of draining the taxpayers, make the money paid back in the form of a low interest mortgage. There is a long list of reasons why this would be better than living on the dole.


Every aspect of every program needs to be reevaluated. Because all these split up families and dampen the chances of success.


~Mitch Kane