The Gardener

I am a gardener
And I do it well.
How did this happen?
Now I will tell:
My wonderful grandma
Started this love.
She watches me now
From heaven above.
Her double white lilacs
Were her pride and joy,
And her lily of the valley,
They smelled so good.
I had to follow her footsteps,
That’s how it began.
My gardens, not formal, but fun.
There are gardens everywhere
Front, back and both sides.
I’ve worked every space
To form gardens of joy.
Exhibited in garden shows,
And shared with my friends.
The joy from my garden
Will never, never end.
In springtime, my flowers
Are pink and blue.
Come summer, there’s a change
A rainbow of color
You’ll see in my yard.
Come autumn
There’s purple and rose
And all shades of yellow.
Never in church
Have I felt so close to God,
as I am on my knees
In my beloved gardens!
~June Garman