The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place, the Gathering Place,
It’s a treasure to behold.
There are many sad stories here
Just waiting to be told.
The homeless, the jobless, the young, the old,
Some with such sad eyes,
Others determined to “make it”
In a world that does not welcome all–
Not willing to hear their desperate call.

Why do I volunteer at the Gathering Place?
I feel that I can help here
In answering that call.
It could have been me, the homeless one,
Would someone answer my call?
I see the needs of many,
What can I do to help?
I can make coffee, provide a treat,
Work in our garden.

But sometimes hugs are needed
When you’re living on the street.
The Gathering Place provides safety
And warmth from the snow;
To many of our clients,
It’s a safe warm place to go.
I feel that volunteering here
Has been my special gift
It’s made me more compassionate.

I try to answer this call–
More grateful than before
And more thankful, too.
That God has provided The Gathering Place
To give our clients hope anew.


~June Garman