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The picture of the ocean and clouds give me a feeling of calmness and peace just like it does when I visit it in person. When I look at the ocean and listen to the waves, it always seems to have a way of taking my troublesome thoughts and worries and slowly making them disappear way beyond, much farther than I can see or even imagine.

Sometimes the ocean can seem to be very rough and disturbed and unsettled in its outward appearance similar to the feelings that i hold within myself. The clouds could possibly represent the confusion that sometimes forms within my head.

This picture of the ocean and the clouds could represent many different things to many different people. Today it represents what I have described. On another day it could represent something completely different. Whether it be today or tomorrow, it will always remind me that its beauty was all made with God’s hands for everyone to enjoy and be thankful for.

~ Charlene Swain Matts