It was a Dark and Stormy

It was a dark and stormy Christmas Eve. A poem from Edgar Allan Poe seemed more the mood than “the night before Christmas”. The snow was blowing every which way and visibility was nil. THe wind was whistling through the screens and the snow glistened under the front porch light. I stared at the glowing fire and listened to the wood crackling. Oh, I forgot to put Santas cookies out and thought I’ll put out carrot sticks instead.

I got my Christmas tree early this year and even though I meticulously watered it, the needles were browning and shedding everywhere. It was still a beautiful tree, full with branches and full with ornaments from years ago. I added a new one every year.

I felt at peace with Christmas carols in the background. My favorites are “Oh Holy Night” and “Santa Baby”. I started thinking about how exciting Christmas morning was as a child. I barely slept usually up at 5am before my parents. The tree lights still on. All the presents Santa left. Some I wanted and some I didn’t. My red bicycle with training wheels probably stands out the most. I rode it all around the house and once the weather cleared all around the neighborhood. I was so proud.

So on this dark and stormy night a flood of memories quiets my soul.

~Anne Street

It was a Dark and Stormy

It was a dark and stormy night but I had hope that the light would come out. After every storm there comes a calm. After every darkness comes the light. After every night comes the morning. Out of every joy comes a fear. Fear is part of being human. Fear can be conquered through love.

Love everybody. Every human has value. Every human carries a spirit and every spirit is beautiful. I am in darkness now. I am in a storm now, but I have to keep hope. Hope is what sustains. Hope is why we get out of bed in the morning. Hope is light. Don’t be afraid of a dark, stormy night because the sun will be shining soon!

~Amy Tripp