What is Success?

Success starts with the word suck. Success isn’t supposed to suck but sometimes the inevitable happens. Life lets you down. Sometimes, a person needs a kick in the butt to go forward. Just a little push or help. No matter it it’s as a friend to talk to or someone you can go to.

Unfortunately it takes money to make money. Money is required to achieve success. Then intense devotion to oneself and the desire to accomplish it. It takes hard work, strength of character (not how much you can bench press) and a strong sense of who you are. Most of all it takes a positive attitude. Negativity only breeds evil, darkness. Nothing good will ever come out of that.

So stay assertive, have goals and above all be positive. Don’t let yourself down. God doesn’t make losers.


Slum Prayer

Myriad of slums,
A place only for bums.
I pray to God to take me away
And leave me not in the slums to decay.
I am so very poor,
My shack has not even a door.
Instead of books and things to read,
My body aches from working: doing deeds
For my master who has a stronghold on me.
He doesn’t see that I am sore;
He wants only to apply my energy;
He doesn’t look down to my core.
And I pray again to God to take me away,
To take me to heaven and let me stay;
And I will sing a melody,
Praying only for my master to truly see
That I am a human being– a person so poor.
Do not take advantage of me,
Do not make my body sore.
I am someone worthy of truth
Despite my innocence, despite my youth.

~Cathy Lynch

Sea Gull Freedom

I see the sea gull flying low

Over the horizon to and fro

And I hold out my hand

As if to say

Come in to land

And visit me today.

But the sea gull is not coming to me.

The sea gull is forever wild and free.

The seagull will never come to me.

~Cathy Lynch


Rain boots, rain hat, rain coat… let’s see, I don’t have any of these. I just wear what I usually wear and get wet. Some men have these things. They look out the window and dress for the occasion. If it’s snow, it’s winter gear. Rain, they wear a rain coat. Hot summer day, shorts and a shirt. Come home, and they change into their nice slippers. Not me. I have one pair of boots. And count myself lucky to have those. I worry about people who have less than I and have nowhere to get out of the rain.

I love rain because it’s not snow. At least it doesn’t pile up and freeze and get in the way. We need rain because it helps the water table and we need water. Plenty of good clean water. but the best thing about it is it will be over soon and the sun will come out.

~ Mitch Kane

My Favorite Place

The smell of the fresh salt water and feeling the coolness against my feet and the sun shining down on me. The waves up so high. The laughter of people, smiling children playing in the sand. Looking at the clear blue sky and the boats in the distance. It feels so good to be around the open waters, collecting shells, walking with my sandals off, seeing the birds up above me and people having a good time with picnics.

~ Anonymous