Whether we go to school, to work or to our homes, we take for granted that we have a place to be during the day.

Without The Gathering Place, many of Brunswick’s deeply poor and often homeless don’t have that luxury.

The Gathering Place was founded in Brunswick, Maine in 2010 to give daytime shelter, friendship and hope to the materially poor or homeless. On its first day, The Gathering Place received 7 guests. Now on a typical day , we warmly welcome between 50 and 70 guests. In five years, we have been visited over 60,000 times.

The Gathering Place serves a diverse group, which includes people who live alone, seniors on fixed incomes, individuals with disabilities and families with children. Many struggle with physical or mental/emotional disabilities or suffer from chronic health issues that are left untreated. Everyday is a challenge where they face discrimination and abuse in the search of the most basic of human needs.

But at The Gathering Place they find a sanctuary, free of judgment and full of hope. Here they find others who share their experiences and their dreams. From simple card games to life skills classes and much more, we fill lonely daytime hours with positive energy, respect and possibility.

Our more than 40 committed volunteers offer invaluable opportunities to develop real relationships and vital connections; generously offering a collective total of 90 hours of their time per week.

Our new home is now open, on the campus with Mid Coast Hunger Prevention and the Clothing Bank. Easily accessible to everyone, including agencies we collaborate with. Our new home will offer something new and important to Brunswick: a hub for serving the interests of people who are poor or homeless.

With your help, we are becoming the missing link connecting people living in deep poverty and homelessness to services
and building a community where they are always welcome.


This is a community resource database created in the summer of 2017. It offers information on organizations included their services, eligibility requirements, and application processes in the Greater Brunswick area. The organizations range from local non-profits to state and federal programs, and all of the information provided comes directly from their website and employees.


It is for the use of the general public, but any questions or suggestions on how to further the content should be directed to The Gathering Place.