Whether we go to school, to work or to our homes, we take for granted that we have a place to be during the day. Without The Gathering Place, many of Brunswick’s deeply poor and often hungry would not have that luxury.

The revolving door of homelessness provides no security, no foundation for change and no opportunity for coordinated services. It is a lonely and scary existence.

The Gathering Place is a place of purpose instead of a street corner or a business where their presence might be unwelcome.

To provide a safe, welcoming and comfortable space for people to gather in downtown Brunswick, offering our guests respect, encouragement, companionship and hope.

To create a caring community for greater Brunswick by collaborating with our guests, volunteers, staff and neighboring organizations; to provide the most vulnerable among us with daytime shelter, sustenance, access to resources and opportunities to improve their lives.

As we pursue this mission and vision, we are guided by our founding values. The Board, staff and volunteers will do everything within our means to ensure that everybody is treated equally and with compassion. The fostering of mutual respect and belonging among people from all walks of life and a sense of pride in our work will remain at the forefront of our discussions and actions taken. We require a few rules for safety of all. It is only when one is not acting respectfully that they would be denied access to our services.