Part 1 Memories

1st memory

I was 4 years old and visiting my grandmother in St. Petersburg, Florida. I had come down with my cousins, Barbara, Edward, and Julian. Every day we went to the beach. Starting early in the morning, we’d collect coquinas. One day I was running down the beach. I looked up and there was a tiny man. He was pink, fully clothed with hat.

I was really excited! I literally ran to my mother and grandmother to tell them the news. They didn’t believe me! Everyone began guessing what I thought I saw. It made me sad that no one could acknowledge that I actually saw what I saw! I really felt angry the more they tried to guess.

To this day I remember in photographic detail my encounter on the beach!

Later in college, I had a professor who had been to Cornwall and he described almost to a “T” the kind of little person I saw. Cornwall is famous for its little people – leprechauns. How are things in Glacamorrow…Rainbow’s end? That musical always reassures me that I may really have seen what I saw!