I hate surprises. I like to know what is going on. I like to know what is going to happen from one thing to the next. Surprises are almost always not good. When I am surprised, I feel anxious.

My wife always loved surprises. All through the years I did my best to give her good exciting surprises. This was not easy because she is very intuitive. So when ever I try to surprise her, she always seemed to know what was up.

When the children were young we made it a point to surprise them. You know; birthdays, holidays and especially Christmas. But as they grew up this was more and more difficult. We would always hide their presents so that they wouldn’t know what they were getting. We would lock them up in a closet or some other storage place. But through the years they would become less and less surprised. Until by and by there were no surprises at all and they seemed to know what ever it was they were getting.

I guess there is a difference between pleasant surprises and not good surprises. I’m always hoping to be pleasantly surprised like landing a job or making new friends. But I don’t expect them. I expect the worst. I hope for the best. That way when something bad happens, I’m not surprised and when something good happens, well – surprise!