It was a dark and stormy Christmas eve, and all of the reindeer were sick with hoof and mouth disease. Santa was in a bustle. (He was also …….., but that’s beside the point). How would he get presents to all the good little boys and girls – all ten of them? He tried rounding up cats, but that was as difficult as, well – rounding up cats. He tried wolves, but they were all on the street corner whistling as the girls went by. He thought of dogs, but they were dog-tired.

And then, a light bulb flashed in his head! Momentarily blinded by the light, Santa cried, “For Godssake, Rudolph stop taking my picture with that G.D. camera!” But Rudolph had given him

an ……….

“Quick”, he told his wife, “call Sydney!”

“Who’s Sidney”, asked Mrs. Claus.

“No, no, not the person, but Sidney the city. The one in Australia”.

“But where in Sidney?”

“Oh, I don’t know. How about the city zoo?”

So Mrs. Claus called the Sidney local zoo and handed the phone to her husband.

“Hello, Sidney Zoo? How many Koala bears do you have?”

“Oh, Criky, Mate, I don’t know. A couple of dozen I guess”.

“Well, round up a dozen of your best, and I’ll pick them up tonight.. I’ll make sure you get a good present under your Kangaroo, if you do.”

“OK, Mate, you got it. Just one question. How will I know which Koala to put out?”

Santa though for a minute. “Go to the …….bush trees and pick those who live in upper branches. Then put …….. on them.”

“OK. Whys that?”

“That way I’ll get highest Koala-trees”


and that’s how all 10 children got their presents that year.


~Rick Wile