Everywhere I look I see broken things that need fixing.

I used to let it bother me. New I have become accustomed to having things broken. As soon as I get something fixed something else breaks.

In my youth I was of the mind that I could get things done. Fix this or that. Clean up that mess. Get that job done. Now I just let it stay broken. I’ll never live long enough to see all the unfinished projects done.

In the old days we fixed everything because everything was made to be fixed. Now in our throwaway society, everything is made to break. So for those of us who can’t buy new things, everything is always broken.

Our country is broken. we have lost our ability to raise our own crops and manufacture our own goods. everyone agrees. The cops, the storekeepers, the mechanics, the evreyday man on the street. We all agree we live in a dysfunctional society, but none of us can do anything about it.

Because we are all broken.


~Mitch Kane